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You are a native english speaker and looking for work in Germany? Fill out the questionary underneed. You don't need a CV or a Cover Letter.Only registered recruitment companies see you profil. All you need is a valid e-mail adress, so companies can contact you. No registration nessesary and at no cost to you. Your Profil will be uploaded in the protected Area and only registetered companies will see your information. Companies will contact you,should a suitable vacancy arise. Good luck to you!!
Employer need this Information:

Don't give your adress. Only the town

The county you are living in?

How long do you live in Germany?

How is your German from 1-10?

Any course taken?

Are you qualified by trade?

Any preferred Town you want
to work in?

Whats your occupation?

Have you any occupational training?

Are you  a Student in Germany?

Have you got a driving licence and a car?

Do you have a work permit or do you
need a work permit?

Your phonenumber-your decision
Your e-mail adress.
Employer need to contact you

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